Experiments with Conversation Hearts

Experiments with Conversation Hearts

Experiments with Conversation Hearts

Earlier we shared some learning activities that we had done with conversation hearts. We had so much fun learning with the little candy hearts.

I recently purchased Candy Experiments by Loralee Leavitt. It has so many fun experiments to do with different kinds of candy. There were a few different kinds of experiments to try with conversation hearts, such as Fade to White (changing the colour of the hearts with the sun), Race to Dissolve (dissolving different sizes of candy to see which dissolves first), Hearts Rising (making the hearts float in water), and Hearts Bobbing (making the hearts dance in soda pop).

We decided to try a couple of the experiments. We choose to try the Race to Dissolve and the Hearts Bobbing experiments with our conversation hearts.

For our Race to Dissolve experiment, we did it a bit differently than the book. The experiment in the book calls for a whole candy and a candy broken into small pieces, place both candies in bowls of warm water. We wanted to see whether broken candies or whole candies dissolved faster in hot or cold water.

I ran the hot water tap until we had very hot water and placed some in two small bowls. I also did the same for cold water. We placed a whole conversation heart into a bowl of hot water and into a bowl of cold water. I broke two conversation hearts into three smaller pieces and we put those pieces into the hot and cold water.

Then we waited to see what would happen.

Experiments with Conversation Hearts

Within 4 minutes, we could see that the hot water conversation hearts were already starting to dissolve. After 10 minutes, there was only 2 pieces of broken conversation hearts in the hot water and the whole heart was slightly smaller. After 30 minutes, the broken pieces in the hot water were all gone and the whole heart was almost gone. 45 minutes later, the whole hearts was pretty much gone. At the bottom of the hot water bowls, you could see some colouring and a bit of powder floating in the water.

After all the time, the hearts in the cold water never changed at all, except to look wet. When I went to clean up our mess from this experiment, I touched the whole heart that was in the cold water and realized that even though it still looked the same, it really was not. The cold water conversation heart was actually quite squishy and slimey feeling.  When I put a little pressure on it, the conversation heart turned into mushy slime.

Experiments with Conversation Hearts The second experiment that Sammie wanted to try with our conversation hearts was the Hearts Bobbing experiment.

She remembered when we did this experiment with raisins and other food items. She had so much fun then watching the raisins and grapes dancing in the 7Up.

Experiments with Conversation Hearts

We filled a glass with 7Up and put in a couple of conversation hearts. At first some floated and some sank, but after a few seconds, we had a couple of conversation hearts start to dance :)

We did this with so many conversation hearts, that I had to keep taking some out as our glass was getting too full of them and they wouldn’t dance anymore. Sammie kept asking to make more dance. I think she spent at least half an hour watching the hearts go up and down.

Every once in a while, a heart would float to the top of the 7Up and stay at the top. A slight poke to the heart would make it sink and then slowly start to dance again.

Experiments with Conversation Hearts

We also tried the Fade to White experiment with a couple of conversation hearts, but unfortuneately we haven’t had a lot of sunlight lately, so that experiment didn’t work for us. If you would like to try the Fade to White experiment, here is how to do it. Take two conversation hearts, as close to the same colour as possible. Place one heart in a dark, dry space. I put it in a cupboard that we don’t use a lot. Place the second heart in a windowsill or other place that gets a lot of sun. Leave them there for at least a week and then compare the two conversation hearts to see how different they are now. If they haven’ changed much, you can leave them longer and then compare again.

As is the same for all the experiments that we’ve done, I don’t usually try to explain to Sammie why or what is happening. We just do the experiments for fun.

The Candy Experiments book has so many great experiments in it. I’m sure we will be trying lots more of them and sharing them here.

For lots more conversation heart experiment, check out Inspiration Labratories. They have a lot of fun experiments there :)

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    • We actually got away without eating as many as we normally do because we kept using them for different experiments and activities :)
      These experiments were a lot of fun.
      Thanks for visiting

  1. So glad your family is enjoying my book! And thanks for putting up the link to the Inspiration Laboratories experiments, they look fun too. I just linked to them from my website.

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