Cinnamon Stick Star Ornaments

Cinnamon Stick Star Ornaments

Cinnamon Stick Star Ornaments

While browsing Pinterest and looking for a Christmas craft that I wanted to make, I came across these Cinnamon Stick Ornaments and knew they would smell and look pretty hanging around the house. I decided to make some cinnamon stick star ornaments.

I found a jar of cinnamon sticks in the pantry that I had bought for something and never used them. I also out my glue gun and some bells. I ended up using lots of little bits and pieces to decorate my cinnamon stick star ornaments.

Cinnamon Stick Star Ornaments This is how I glued the sticks together in the following order. It took a little bit to figure out how to get the sticks touching each other in the star shape, as the sticks don’t bend. I finally realized that to get the fourth stick glued right, I had to flip the star over and glue it from the other side. The fifth stick is also glued from this side.

Cinnamon Stick Star Ornaments Once the sticks were glued into the star shape, I picked out little bits and pieces to glue to one of the points on the star. I used a variety of bells, sequin leaves and beads. You could also use little bits of pine branches, ribbons, bows or anything Christmasy. :) I attached some sparkly string to the top of each cinnamon stick star ornament.

Cinnamon Stick Star Ornaments

 I decided not to hang them on the tree and instead hung them up around the house. Every once in a while you can catch the smell of cinnamon from them. They make the house smell so much like Christmas.

These cinnamon stick star ornaments are very easy to make and look so pretty. They would make a great gift trimmings.

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