Spin Art Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Spin Art Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Spin Art Turkey Thanksgiving craft

I am sharing another Thanksgiving craft that we made to decorate the house for Thanksgiving this weekend. We have made spice handprint turkeys, hand and foot print turkeys and popcorn glove turkeys. Today I’m sharing our spin art turkeys.

Spin art is one of Sammie’s favourite ways to paint. She loves squeezing the paint in the spinner and seeing what it looks like after she spins it. So when we started thinking about Thanksgiving crafts, I knew I wanted to make a craft using spin art. I thought the paint sprays would make great looking tail feathers for a turkey.

We got out our painting salad spinner, some red, yellow, orange and brown paint and some paper plates that I cut to fit inside the spinner.

The girls had a blast with the spin art. Maddie squeezing in the paint and Sammie making it spin.

Spin Art Turkey Thanksgiving craft Spin Art Turkey Thanksgiving craft

After they were done with painting the paper plates and we were waiting for the paint to dry, the girls traced their feet onto brown construction paper to use as their turkeys’ bodies.

Spin Art Turkey Thanksgiving craft

They glued their foot prints over top of the spin art painting, with the heel as the head of the turkey and glued on the little details for their turkeys.

They used orange construction paper triangles for the beaks.

Spin Art Turkey Thanksgiving craft

Orange construction paper cut into a sort of M shape for the feet.

Spin Art Turkey Thanksgiving craft

Then they glued googly eyes onto their spin art turkeys. Sammie had to use the biggest eyes she could find. lol

Spin Art Turkey Thanksgiving craft Spin Art Turkey Thanksgiving craft

Sammie loved making these spin art turkeys and couldn’t get enough of making the spin art part. lol She liked doing that more than making the turkey part lol. Of course she ended up making way more spin art than turkeys. So now we have a bunch of pretty painted paper plates that I’m not sure what we are going to make with lol

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8 thoughts on “Spin Art Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

    • Isn’t salad spinner art so much fun? I think I enjoy seeing how it turns out as much as the kids lol
      Glad you liked our post and thanks for pinning :)

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