Thanksgiving Popcorn Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Popcorn Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Popcorn Turkey craft

The Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend and we have been busy making some Thanksgiving decorations for the house and dinner table. We have made Thanksgiving Spice Handprint turkeys and Thanksgiving hand & foot print turkeys.

Today I’m going to share the Stuffed Thanksgiving Turkey Craft that we made. These little Thanksgiving popcorn turkeys are so cute and make a great decoration for your dinner table and while you are waiting for the big turkey dinner, you can snack on the popcorn inside the turkey :)

To make these Thanksgiving popcorn turkeys, you will need a clear vinyl glove, some popcorn, red, orange, yellow and brown tissue paper torn into little strips, orange foam or construction paper, googly eyes and small amounts of orange and red construction paper.

The gloves that we used are food preparation grade gloves, with no powder or coating on the inside.

I cut a rough heart shape from the orange foam and trimmed the point off the heart for the feet of our turkeys. I also cut out a triangle from the orange construction paper for the beak and a little red squiggle bit from the red for the turkey’s wattle.

Thanksgiving Popcorn Turkey craft

Sammie ripped some red, yellow and orange tissue paper into small strips and bits. We stuffed all four fingers of the glove with a mixture of the colours and tissue paper. Into the thumb, we only put a bit of red tissue paper for the turkey’s comb.

Thanksgiving Popcorn Turkey craft

Thanksgiving Popcorn Turkey craft

You want to fill the fingers with the tissue paper, but not completely full, as you need to put some popcorn in the base of each finger to help it stand upright.

Thanksgiving Popcorn Turkey craft

Then we popped some popcorn, using this microwave popcorn in a paper bag method. This popcorn is so yummy done this way. It almost tastes as good, if not better, than the regular microwave popcorn.

Once the popcorn was cooled off, Sammie started stuffing her glove with the popcorn. We made sure to fully fill the rest of the fingers and thumb with popcorn, so that they would stand up.

Thanksgiving Popcorn Turkey craft

The more popcorn in the glove the fatter your Thanksgiving popcorn turkey will be. But make sure to leave enough room to tie the bottom of the glove closed once it’s stuffed.

Thanksgiving Popcorn Turkey craft

When Sammie had stuffed enough popcorn into the glove, I tied it off and the bottom of the glove. Sammie put a lot of glue on the base of the glove and stuck it onto the orange foam base.

The glove didn’t really want to stick very well to the foam, so we had to prop them up and leave them to dry.

We ended up glueing the eyes onto the corners of the orange triangle beak part and then glueing the beak onto the glove, as the triangles that I cut were a bit big. Sammie glued the red wattle to the side of the beak.

Thanksgiving Popcorn Turkey craft Thanksgiving Popcorn Turkey craft

These Thanksgiving popcorn turkeys turned out so cute. I love how it looks like they are trying to peck the ground.

I’m not really sure that I like how the beaks turned out. I think they look a little big for the turkeys. But I’m not sure what else to use for the beaks. If you can think of a different way to make the beaks, please let me know :)

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