Thanksgiving Spice Handprint Turkey

Thanksgiving Spice Handprint Turkey

Thanksgiving Spice handprint turkey

Here in Canada, Thanksgiving is coming up soon, October 8, and we have been busy decorating the house and making some new Thanksgiving decorations. I thought I would share some of our Thanksgiving crafts. This Thanksgiving spice handprint turkey is a fairly quick and easy craft, although it could be kind of messy.

First we covered Sammie’s hand in glue. She wasn’t too sure about this at first, as she doesn’t really like getting her hands that messy. But then she found it very funny to have glue all over her hands.

If your child doesn’t like to have messy hands, you could trace their hand on the paper and fill in the hand shape with glue instead.

Thanksgiving Spice handprint turkey

Once Sammie’s hand was covered in glue, she pressed her hand onto the paper, making a glue handprint shape.

Thanksgiving Spice handprint turkey

I had got out some spices that make me think of Thanksgiving. We used cloves, poultrey seasoning, oregano, and mustard. Some other spices that would smell really good and a lot like Thanksgiving would be, pumpkin pie spice, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg or really anything that you think would smell good.

We placed the paper with the glue handprint onto a tray, to try and contain the spice mess.
Sammie started shaking the spices onto the glue handprint. A couple of times, I had to remind her that she didn’t need to put the whole container of spices onto the paper lol

Thanksgiving Spice handprint turkey

When she was done and had covered the entire glue handprint, I shook off the extra spices and dumped them into a bowl for her to use on her next Thanksgiving spice handprint turkey.

We let them dry overnight. Once they were dry, Sammie used some puffy paint to add the final details. She added feet, a beak, an eye and a red bit for the turkey’s wattle.

Thanksgiving Spice handprint turkey

Sammie’s Thanksgiving spice handprint turkeys :)

Thanksgiving Spice handprint turkey

Sammie loved making these Thanksgiving spice handprint turkeys. Once she realized that having glue on her hand wasn’t that bad, she wanted to keep making more of the turkeys.

They smell very yummy and look great hanging on our wall for a Thanksgiving decoration.

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