Make a T-shirt Pillow Out of a Special Shirt and Kid’s Co-op

T-shirt Pillow

T-shirt Pillow

Does your child have a favourite shirt that they’ve outgrown or maybe one with a special meaning to it? Why not save that shirt and make it into a t-shirt pillow?

Maddie went to camp earlier this year. During the week long camp, she made lots of new friends. On the last day, each camper was given a camp t-shirt and had all of their friends sign and write on the shirt. Maddie loves her shirt and was wearing it all the time. We noticed though that the more she wore it and had it washed, the more faded the names and writing became. She was worried that eventually all the writing would disappear. So she quit wearing it to save it, but at the same time, she wanted to be able to see it and remember her week at camp.

We decided to make it into a t-shirt pillow, so she could keep it out and see it, but it wouldn’t get worn or washed enough to make the writing fade anymore.

T-shirt Pillow

I turned the shirt inside out and sewed along the hems of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt.

We turned it right side out again and Maddie stuffed it full of stuffing. I then sewed it closed along the neck line. This shirt’s neckline doesn’t line up to sew it completely along the collar, so I sewed with the shoulder seams even. This makes a bit of a dip at the neck and keeps the shape and look of a t-shirt.

If you choose a shirt with a round neckline, where the front is even with the back, you would just sew along the hem of the collar.

T-shirt Pillow

T-shirt Pillow


T-shirt Pillow

Now Maddie has a new pillow and a great way to keep her special shirt safe from fading. She also can look at her shirt and think of her new friends whenever she wants.

I think I may make a t-shirt pillow with a couple of Sammie’s favourie shirts that she has outgrown. I may even have a couple of special shirts to make into t-shirt pillows.

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