Ivory Soap Experiment and Soap Mud

Ivory Soap Experiment and Soap Mud

I saw this Ivory Soap Experiment from Housing A Forest on Pinterest quite awhile ago and have been wanting to try it out. I thought it looked so neat.

I finally got around to buying some Ivory Soap bars and we decided to try it. We put the bar of soap in the microwave and set it for about 2 minutes.

Ivory Soap Experiment and Soap Mud

After a few seconds, the bar of soap started to grow and fluff out. At the end of the 2 minutes, there was a big pile of what looked like soap fluff.

I really wish I could’ve gotten pictures of it growing, but the door of my microwave isn’t really clear and my pictures didn’t turn out.

I did have to wipe out the microwave a bit after this, as the soap cloud overflowed the plate and was rubbing the sides of the microwave as it turned. There was a slightly strong soap smell as it was cooking, but once the microwave was done and wiped out, the smell pretty much disappeared. I was a little worried that the house would smell very strongly of soap, but fortunately it wasn’t that strong. I had the windows open as well.

The soap looks so soft and fluffy, almost like clouds, but surprisingly, the soap was actually still hard, crumbly and flaky, not at all how it looks.

Ivory Soap Experiment and Soap Mud

Sammie had to touch it to see how it felt.

Ivory Soap Experiment and Soap Mud

I wasn’t sure what we were going to do with the soap cloud, but after searching on Pinterest I found this Sparkle Soap Mud from The Imagination Tree and thought we would try to make the soap mud with our soap cloud instead of grating it.

We took our soap cloud outside, along with a couple of rolls of toilet paper. The girls shredded up the toilet paper into the water table and added some water. Then they broke up the soap cloud and added it to the bin.

Ivory Soap Experiment and Soap Mud

They started to mix it all up, but Sammie didn’t like the feel of it, so Maddie ended up mixing it. If it’s too wet, add more toilet paper. If it’s too dry, add some more water.

Maddie sprayed in some coloured water and started playing with it. We figured that if Sammie saw Maddie having fun with it, she would join in as well.

Ivory Soap Experiment and Soap Mud

Eventually Sammie did join in and said her plastic frog needed to play as well.

Ivory Soap Experiment and Soap Mud

She played with her frog in it for a bit, making walls and holes for it to climb on and a house for it.

Then they start pretending to cook with it. The girls made cupcakes, soups and all sorts of food with it.

Ivory Soap Experiment and Soap Mud

Ivory Soap Experiment and Soap Mud

The girls really enjoyed playing with the soap mud, even if it did take Sammie a little bit to start playing in it. The soap in the microwave was a huge hit with both of them. They were fascinated by watching it grow and seeing what it turned into.

I had a bit of trouble disposing of the soap mud when the girls were done playing with it. I didn’t want to flush it down the toilet, as there was quite a bit of it and I didn’t want to plug the toilet. I also knew that the soap wouldn’t be good for our grass or compost pile, so I didn’t want to dump it outside either. I ended up letting it dry up and then throwing it out with our garbage.

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