Autumn Leaf Crafts inspired by Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Elhert

Autumn Leaf Crafts inspired by Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Elhert

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf activities


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Our author for September is Lois Ehlert. We had a hard time deciding on which of her books to do. We read Top Cat, Feathers for Lunch, Planting a Rainbow and Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf. After reading each book a couple of times, the girls decided that they wanted to do some autumn leaf crafts to go along with Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf.


Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf tells about the life of a Sugar Maple tree. It talks about how the tree starts to grow, about how it gets moved to a nursery as a sprout, moved again as it grows into a tree and how it’s planted and taken care of. It also talks about the tree in each season and the changes it goes through. At the end of the book, there is a section that explains about the different parts of a tree and a part on how to plant and take care of a tree.
We love the pictures in the book, which are made up of collage pictures as well as real items in the pictures. The first and last page of the story have a cut out maple leaf shape that shows part of the next page. Sammie really liked seeing this and looking through the cut out shape.

Since it is almost fall here, we thought this would a great time to do some Autumn leaf crafts.

The first craft we did was to do a sponge leaf printing picture. To do this painting, I cut a sponge into little pieces, approximately 1″ square (although some were more rectangle shaped lol) Using a brown crayon, the girls drew a brown tree trunk. I love the faces they drew on their trees. With yellow, red and orange paint and the sponges, they stamped leaves on their trees, falling from the trees and on the ground.
Sammie also wanted to try and do some fingerprint leaves. So she drew another tree and used her fingers and the paint to stamp some fingerprint leaves onto her tree.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf activities

Another craft we did was to squish paint onto foam leaf shapes, making them look like they are changing colours. To do this craft, I used a cookie cutter to make leaf shapes on red, yellow, orange and brown foam and cut the leaves out of the foam. I put some red, yellow and orange paint into a zip-loc bag and put a leaf in the bag. After the bag was closed, Sammie squished the paint all around, covering the leaf in paint. We took the leaf out and set it to dry. We weren’t sure how this was going to try out, as the leaves didn’t look that great when they were wet. They just looked like leaves with reddish-orange paint on them. But when they dried, they looked a lot more like fall leaves that are changing colour.
Maddie tried colouring some by using the salad spinner to make some spin art leaves, but it didn’t work quite the way she wanted it to so she only did one. It’s the yellow one in the top left corner of the picture below. I thought it looked very pretty. :)

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf activities

We also wanted to do some leaf rubbings. Sammie and I went on a walk around the yard and picked some leaves off each different tree that we could find. After we picked enough, we took them back up to the house and got out some paper. Sammie set out the leaves on a peice of paper and I set another piece of paper over top of the leaves. I showed Sammie that if you rubbed a crayon over a leaf, the shape of the leaf and the veins would show up in your colouring. She thought this was pretty neat and had fun watching the leaves appear. She saying “abracadabra” everytime one would show lol

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf activities

The final craft that we did with Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf was a craft that was on the inside cover of the book. It is for making a bird treat. To make these bird treats, we got some bird seed, bread, and egg whites. The girls cut shapes from the bread using cookie cutter. Then they brushed some egg white onto the shapes and dipped the bird into the bird seed.  With a straw, they poked a hole in the top of each treat. We let them sit out over night to dry and get hard. I don’t know if you are supposed to do that or not, but ours were quite wet and squishy and when we tried to put the strings in our bird treats, they would pull right out of the bread. Once they were dry, the strings stayed in the bread.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf activities

The girls took their bird treats out to the yard and hung them up in various trees around the yard. I’m sure the girls will be checking on them a lot to see if they get eaten or not :)

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf activities

The girls had a lot of fun making all these different crafts inspired by Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf activities

I hope you enjoyed our crafts for Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert. I hope you join us again next month, in October, when our author will be Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

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12 thoughts on “Autumn Leaf Crafts inspired by Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Elhert

  1. I did activities for this book too and I love seeing what other people did with it. Your ideas are so great! I especially love the sponge stamping on the trees. This looks like something my daughter would love. I’m excited to do this with her.
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  3. This is my favorite time of the year to do crafts. Now that the kids are getting bigger it fun to get them involved. I do like your ideas quite a bit. I know my daughter is going to love this.

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