Making Rock Pets

Making Rock Pets

Rock Pets

The other night while I was making supper, the girls were downstairs crafting. I went down to see what they were up to and found them making rock pets.

The girls decided they wanted to decorate some rocks and make some rock pets. They had picked out the perfect rocks for their pets from our collection of river rocks from the dollar store. They also used small pieces of felt, feathers, googly eyes, acrylic paint, and puffy paint to design and decorate them.

The rocks were painted with acrylic paint and then the girls glued on their decorations and designs and put some finishing touches on with the puffy paint.

I didn’t get any pictures of the girls actually making them, but I did manage to get one while Sammie was putting the finishing touches on one of hers.

Rock Pets

Aren’t they just so cute?

Rock Pets Rock Pets Rock Pets Rock Pets

Sammie loves her little pets. They have to sit on her dresser right beside her bed and she talks to them and makes up stories with them all the time.

I just love what kinds of creativity these girls can come up with when left on their own. They can sure think up some great ideas.

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