First sewing project

First Sewing Project

I recently saw an sewing project on for making a stuffed teddy bear and I thought Sammie would enjoy making one

I used the bear template from the link above and printed it out, them traced it onto two pieces of brown felt. With a hole punch, I punched hole evenly along the edges of the felt pieces. Sammie wanted to use purple to see it together, so I got a long piece of purple yarn. I threaded it though a hole on each piece and tied it together. This made it a bit easier for Sammie to start, not pull the yarn all the way through and to help her keep the holes lined up.

The yarn that we use has the ends on them like shoelaces. You could use a large plastic yarn needle or put some glue on the end and let it dry to make one end stiffer and like a needle. I have also seen needles made out of folded pipe cleaners, like in this My Busy Book: sewing post from Teach Preschool

First Sewing Project

I showed her how to do it for the first couple of holes and sat close by in case she needed any help. It took her a little bit, but she figured out how to go down through one hole and up through the next. She had a little trouble remembering which way she was going and which hole should be next. Around the head and ears was the trickiest part for her. She ended up going around the felt instead of up and down, but I think it makes it looks quite cute like that.

First Sewing Project

She sewed around the bear until there was only a couple of holes left and then she stuffed it with stuffing. She then finished sewing the pieces together. I tied a knot at the end for her and tried to tuck the ends inside the bear. Unfortunately, I had cut the yarn too short and the tail ends won’t stay tucked in.

To draw on the face, she used a black permanent marker. You could also use fabric paint, puffy paint or googly eyes and yarn glued onto the felt.

First Sewing Project

Sammie really enjoyed making her bear and was quite proud that she made a stuffed animal by herself.

I think if we do more sewing projects like this one, I will punch the holes a bit closer together. We found the stuffing keeps coming out a bit, so having the holes close together should help with this.

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