Dot Dauber Fish and Kid’s Co-op

Dot Dauber Fish

While trying to think of an easy, quick craft for the girls to do while waiting for supper, I found this idea. Using bingo daubers or dot daubers to paint scales on a fish.

The girls brought out the dot daubers, while I drew some sort of fish-shaped pictures on paper.

Dot Dauber Fish

Then they start dabbing away, making pretty, colourful scales on their fish.

Dot Dauber Fish

They were having so much fun colouring their fish by daubing, that they kept asking for more fish to colour. I found a simple fish outline picture online to pirnt off, so I didn’t have to keep drawing fish. Plus the print off looks a lot more like a fish than my drawings lol

Dot Dauber Fish

Dot Dauber Fish

The girls spent probably close to an hour making fish scales with the dot daubers. Isn’t amazing how such a simple craft will keep them busy for so long?

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