Noisy Week: Popsicle Stick Xylophones

noisy music popsicle stick xylophones

We have been having lots of fun sharing our Noisy Week musical instruments :) We have shared our Egg Shakers, Jingle Bell Bracelets and our Tin Can Balloon Drums. Today we will be sharing our Popsicle stick xylophones :)

I found the idea for these at Teach Preschool. I just her blog, so many great ideas and crafts there :)

To make these xylophone, you will need:
-6 Popsicle sticks. We used the larger tongue depressor size
– paint, crayons, markers, whatever you want to decorate your sticks with. The girls used markers
-glue. Hot glue would probably work best, if anyone is in a rush to play with them lol
-chopstick or some kind of stick to play on it with. You could also use the hammer from a store bought xylophone set

Colour at least 4 of the Popsicle sticks. The girls didn’t want to colour the other two sticks, as they go under the other sticks and wouldn’t really be seen.

Glue the undecorated sticks in a V shape, with the bottom not quite as wide as your decorated sticks. Then glue the 4 decorated sticks evenly on top of your V shape.

Then hammer away at the sticks and see if you can hear the difference each stick makes :)

These xylophones don’t sounds quite as good as store bought xylophones, but they still made enough noise to keep my kids happy :) There is a slight difference in the sound each stick makes. Maddie discovered that running the stick up and down the Popsicle sticks makes a cool noise.

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