Painting with Cotton Swabs and Kid’s Co-Op

painting cotton swabs q-tips

I set this painting craft up for the girls one evening when they had been asking for something to do. I can’t remember where I saw or read the idea for this.

I set out some paper and some tempera paint with cotton swabs in each colour.

painting cotton swabs q-tips

I let the girls figure out what they wanted to do with them. Maddie knew that dipping the cotton swabs in the paint and then dabbing it on the paper would make coloured dots, but I told her to let Sammie do what she wanted and see what she came up with. Sammie quickly figured out how to make the dots too.

painting cotton swabs q-tips

Sammie really liked just painting randoms dots all over the paper, while Maddie preferred to make actual pictures. Maddie made a rainbow and a friendly monster. Sammie made a couple random dot pictures and when she saw Maddie’s monster, she wanted to make one too. She drew an outline in pencil of her “big bad bully bug” and painted it with the cotton swabs. For that picture, she used the cotton swabs as more of a paint brush, than just dotting with it. :)

painting cotton swabs q-tips

After the girls had finished their pictures, they wrote up a little story to go along with them.

painting cotton swabs q-tips

The girls had a lot of fun with this painting craft. Sammie thought it was pretty neat to be painting dots with the cotton swabs :) I can see us doing this type of painting again. The girls did noticed that the cotton swabs only lasted a little bit before that cotton end sort of fell apart and they needed new ones, so keep lots of them of nearby to replace the falling apart ones.

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Normally I get the linky for this week’s Kid’s Co-op up on Fridays, but I wanted to post about the Bloggers Filling Backpacks ebook that I participated in, so I decided to post the Kid’s Co-op today. So here it is :)

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