Painted Fingernail Counting & Weekly Kid’s Co-op

Painted Fingernail Counting with printable dice

Sammie starts school next week, so we have been doing a few activities to help her get ready for it.

We have been doing a bit of counting and this is one of the counting activities that I came up with.  She loves getting her nails painted and having colourful fingernails and I thought she would like to be able to paint some other nails :)

I found a very basic hand shape online and copied it onto paper. I drew some fingernails on each hand and printed 10 of them out. I numbered each print out from 1 to 10 and gave Sammie her dot daubers.

We worked together to colour the correct number of fingernails for each number. It started out with me asking her to tell what each number was and then she counted each fingernail as she daubed it with a dauber.

Painted Fingernail Counting with printable dice

Painted Fingernail Counting with printable dice

She worked her way through all 10 sheets and wanted to do some more. I thought I would laminate the handprints, that way we weren’t using quite as many sheets of paper.

I also thought rather than me writing a different number of fingernails for her to colour, I would see if I could find a printable dice numbered to 10. I found one at 

I printed and made it up for her. So now she can roll a number and colour the amount of fingernails as what shows up on the dice.

For the laminated sheet, we got out her dry erase crayons. She loves being able to colour the nails different colours :)

Painted Fingernail Counting with printable dice

Painted Fingernail Counting with printable dice

Since making up printable up and playing with it, Sammie can now count up to 10 without very many mistakes. She can now also recognize each number.

Painted Fingernail Counting with printable dice

I have been thinking of lots of different ways to use this printable. You could do some simple addition, adding up to 10, by writing a number under each hand and having the child colour the correct nails and adding them together to come up with the answer. You could also do some simple subtraction, by colouring and erasing the number of fingernails to get the answer. Or colour a number of fingernails and have the child write the correct number at the bottom. I’m sure there are lots of other ways as well :)

To make the dice, print and cut it out. Fold along all the lines. Tape or glue the white tabs to the blank side of the paper. I would recommend using a fairly thick paper, as it will stand up better to being thrown around. The dice will be a diamond shape.

Below is a printable version of the handprint sheet as well as the printable dice.

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Download (PDF, 504KB)

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  1. That is such a clever way of teaching counting skills! My daughter would have gone crazy over that when she was younger. Thank you for linking up to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop!

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