Paint Stamping with Shaped Cardboard Tubes and Kid`s Co-Op

Paint Stamping with Cardboard Tubes

We’ve been saving toilet paper rolls for quite a while, I just wasn’t sure what we were going to use them for. Then I saw this pin on Pinterest for Stamped Heart Painting from Hands On: As We Grow and just knew what we were going to use some of the rolls for.

I decided not to make just hearts though. I sort of shaped some of them into a heart, square, star, triangle and octagon. They aren’t the exact shapes, but look pretty neat when stamped.

Paint Stamping with Cardboard Tubes

I set out a mini muffin tray of paint and a couple of pieces of paper. Then let the girls stamp away.

Paint Stamping with Cardboard Tubes

Paint Stamping with Cardboard Tubes

Maddie stamped a pattern and Sammie randomly stamped

Paint Stamping with Cardboard Tubes

Paint Stamping with Cardboard Tubes

The girls had fun with this activity, although I think Sammie enjoyed it more than Maddie.

These paintings would make great wrapping paper. The heart and star rolls worked out the best and looked the closest to the actual shape. I think if we do this type of painting again, I might see if I can find a bigger paint tray, as the cups in the muffin tray are smaller than the tubes and it was a bit tricky getting the end of the tube covered with paint.

We still have lots of cardboard tubes left to find a use for. Do you have any ideas what we could use them for?

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