Glue and Glass Gem Suncatchers

Glue & Glass Gem Suncatchers

Maddie saw a pin on Pinterest from Kids Acitivites Blog for these  Glass Gem Suncatchers and wanted to make some.

We got out our big bottle of glue, glass gems and some glow in the dark stones. The girls went through the things we’ve kept from the recyling bin and found some lids from various plastic containers.

Glue & Glass Gem Suncatchers

The girls filled their lids with glue and starting sticking in their stones. Be sure to completely fill the lids with glue, as the stones will need lots of glue to stay together.

Glue & Glass Gem Suncatchers

Sammie put her stones in randomly, Maddie made a pattern with hers. Both girls really liked using the glow in the dark stones.

Glue & Glass Gem Suncatchers

They each made two suncatchers. After the girls were done adding stones, I added a pony bead to each one, thinking it might leave a hole to hang it up.

Then we left them to dry. I think we left them at least a day and then I took them out of the lids and flipped them over. After flipping them over, I noticed that there were a lot of holes in the glue, where it had separated from the stones and some of the stones were barely stuck in at all. So I added some more glue to each sun catcher. We left them to dry a couple more days, to make sure they were completely dry.

Glue & Glass Gem Suncatchers

Once they were completely dry (at least 3-4 days), I poked holes in them to string them together and hung them up in the sun room window. I used yarn to attach them together.

I was very surprised to find that the glue dried still rubbery. I thought it would dry hard and brittle. We have tried making ornaments with glue before and they always ended up breaking as the glue dried too brittle, so I was sort of expecting them same from these. We were very happy to see that these hopefully won’t break as easy.

My plan with the pony beads didn’t really work, as the hole in them filled with glue. When I tried to poke the hold through them, they usually popped out of the glue. I think only one stayed in and worked as I had planned.

They look so pretty there when the sun shines through.

Glue & Glass Gem Suncatchers

Maddie enjoyed making these suncatchers more than Sammie. Sammie didn’t like getting the glue on her fingers and didn’t want the stones to stay in the glue. She wanted to keep them all to play with :)

I wonder how the sun catchers would look if we had used clear glue instead of white glue? Or maybe coloured glue? Hmm, I think we may have to try it and see :)

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5 thoughts on “Glue and Glass Gem Suncatchers

  1. I Like these a lot! We made suncatchers by melting plastic beads in muffin pans. But I like that these don’t release toxic fumes. And you can add glass and make a pattern! I think that these are beautiful but maybe the clear glue would give it a see-thru look? Still nice, though!!

    • I’m glad you like them :)
      We have done the melted bead suncatchers as well. I just haven’t written up a post yet. We did the melting out on the bbq, so that we didn’t get the fumes inside the house.
      Thanks for visiting

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