Collage Tray Frames

Collage Tray Frames

Awhile ago, I bought these trays and asked on my Facebook page for some ideas on how to use them. I got some great suggestions and will be trying out some more of them :)

The first idea that we decided to try out was to make them into picture frames.


I cut some of the center from each tray, leaving enough of the tray to be able to glue decorations onto it. I kept the piece that I cut out, thinking maybe I will use it for another craft :)

Collage Tray Frames

The girls picked out the decorations that they wanted to use. Sammie picked out the sticky-backed felt flowers and insects. Maddie picked out some sticky-back foam pieces, underwater themed, to start with.

They then stuck or glued their decorations onto the collage trays, decorating their frames.

Collage Tray Frames

Maddie ended up using all sorts of random decorations to decorate her frame. She also drew a picture to put inside her frame. This was glued onto the back of the tray, so that the picture showed through the opening.

Collage Tray Frames

Sammie was being silly and wanted her face to be in her frame lol

Collage Tray Frames

Sammie later asked to make another one that she decorated with the foam underwater shapes.

She asked to use the watercolour paint set so she could paint some pictures to put in her frames.

After she was done her paintings and they were dry, she cut them out. At first she cut them out to the same size as the opening, so we glued them onto another piece of paper and I drew a bigger area for her to cut out.

Collage Tray Frames

She then used a glue stick to put some glue on the paper around her picture. She stuck it to the back of the frame so that the picture was showing through the opening.

Collage Tray Frames

She then had to pick the perfect place to hang them up, which was the closet door in the craft room :)

Collage Tray Frames

Sammie really enjoyed making these frames, especially painting a picture to put in them.

I can’t wait to share with you some of the other ways that we have used these trays.

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