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A while ago, I saw this Sand box pin on Pinterest. I immediately showed it to my friend that does all our building for us. Unfortunately the pin did not lead to any building instructions, only a picture. So I went on an Internet hunt to try and find some instructions for building this cool looking sandbox. All I could find though, was a place in England that sold the kits to build them. Somehow, I didn’t think we could afford to have that shipped here lol

Our friend came through for us again and figured it out :) It is so awesome. I love how the lid folds into benches, so I have some place to sit while the little ones play in the sand :) And the lid keeps any animals from using it as a litter box or something else. It won’t keep the rain out, but that’s ok, my kids like wet sand better than dry :)

Lid closed
One bench up

We had to figure out where to buy enough sand to fill this big sandbox :) We ended up just buying a lot of bags of play sand from a local building supply store.

We put a big tarp under the sandbox and dumped in the sand. I think we will need a few more bags of sand, but for now it works great :)

The kids just love it :) Even Austin loves sitting in it and digging his feet into the sand. He was in it quite a bit today and not once did he try to put any sand in his mouth. Some shovels and such, yes but not the sand :)

Maddie even played in it when she got home from school

Sammie and Maddie buried Maddie’s legs lol

I can see this sand box getting a lot of use this summer and for lots of summers to come :)

If anyone would like dimensions to build this sand box or some help to build it, please let me know.

I have now written up a post with some building instructions and materials list. Please see the post here

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6 thoughts on “Sandbox Play

  1. I found this on Pinterest. I too, had pinned the first photo! This looks amazing! If you could send me just the basic info (dimensions, cut list and materials- what kind of hinges-)that would be wonderful! I just finished making my garden boxes and I wanted to tackle the sand box next.

    If you have a problem with the tarp holding too much water in after your grass is watered or a good rain storm, just puncture a few holes in the tarp to allow a bit of water to escape.

  2. I would like the directions- we have a sandbox already that I'm guessing is about that size, but the neighbors cat gets into it and it makes me crazy. I would love to see how those hinges work. I am also wondering- can the kids lift the lid or you do it?

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