Sandbox Instructions

I’ve had a few people ask for directions on building our sandbox

So I decided to try and write up some instructions for it. Please remember that I did not build this, a friend did. But I will do my best to explain as best I can :)

Materials List

for base
2 – 2″ x 10″ x 4′ 8″ long
2- 2″ x 10″ x 6′ long

for lid
12 – 1″ x 6″ x 6′ long (these are deck boards, the edges are slightly rounded, not square)
4 – 2″ x 4″ x 22 1/2″ long – for back supports, slightly angled at one end
8 –  2″ x 4″ x 12″ long – for supports
8 – 3″ x 1 1/2″ hinges

I’m not sure how many screws were used or what size they were.

To make base, screw 4 boards together with the shorter end pieces on the inside of the long side pieces.

To make lid (this is where it gets slightly confusing)

Attach 2 1×6 pieces together, leaving approximately 1″ gap between boards, by using 2 of the 2x4x12″ pieces (the short supports). First one is 22″ in from end of board, next one is 21″ from first piece, leaving 22″ from the other end of board.. Do this twice, so you end up with 2 sections of 2 2x4s.

Using hinges attach the 2 sections together. The hinges should be on opposite side of boards from the supports.

With 2 more pieces of the 1×6 boards, attach them together, leaving approximately 1″ gap between boards, with  2 of the 2x4x22 1/2 boards (the back supports). Attach the back supports the same measurements as the first sections (22″, 21″, 22″) They should be level with the top of the top board, with the angled end sticking out from the bottom of the section.

Attach this section to the first 2 sections by using hinges. These hinges should be on the same side as the short supports.  The back supports should be on opposite side of the short supports. Do not attach the back supports to the first sections.
Attach the lid to the base by screwing only the first section with the short supports. The back supports should be on top, with the short supports facing down toward where the sand will be. Use screws on all three sides above base. Leave approximately 6″ of the lid overhanging each side of the base.

Repeat for second half of lid.

When the lid is open, the back support should be outside the base and touching the ground.

Close up of hinges on lid while closed and the angled ends of the back supports
Close up of inside of lid and supports and hinges
Close up of lid as it is being opened or closed

Hopefully I explained this well enough for you to understand. :) If anyone has any question, please feel free to comment here or join us over at our Facebook page and I will do my best to help :

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5 thoughts on “Sandbox Instructions

  1. Thanks. I might try this…! Question – is it strong enough for the kids to stand on with the lid down?? My kids love to “perform” and I'm putting this between to veggie planters in front of a fence and I think it would made a nice stage. I have found sand boxes that look like they are strong, but the lids would take up too much space when opened. Love the bench idea! Thank you!

  2. Thanks and I'm glad you like it.
    I think it would depend on how big your kids are, if it will hold the weight or not. I've noticed that it I stand in the middle, where the two lids meet, it has a lot of play and the wood will bow down a bit. I'm sure if you were to put a couple extra support pieces, it would hold more weight :)
    I love your idea of using it as a stage as well :) My kids would probably love to do that too
    Thanks for visiting :)

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