Glowing Slime

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time playing and exploring with our black lights :) Earlier we shared our Glowing Ice Cubes and our Glowing Goop. They were both so much fun and so cool to see how they glow under the black lights.

Today we continue with our glowing play and share our glowing slime :) I didn’t get any pictures of us making the slime, as I was the one making it and my hands were pretty messy.

I’ve heard this called slime, flubber, gak, silly putty and so many other names. We just call it slime

This is how I made our slime. I didn’t really measure anything, just sort of followed the recipe I found online at Steve Spangler Science.

In one cup, I poured in some white Elmer’s glue and added in about the same, maybe a bit more of our yellow glow water (diluted quite a bit). In a second cup, I mixed about a cup of water with 1 teaspoon of Borax. Stir each cup until they are mixed. Then add about 1 tbsp of the Borax mixture to the glue and water mixture in a bigger container. Stir until it started to thicken and started to get stringy. Then I got my hands in there and mix until it was a solid. There was a little bit of water left in my container and I just dumped it out. Then the slime was ready to play with :)

I had actually made up two batches of slime, as I was reading that if you add more of the Borax mixture to your glue and water mixture, the slime becomes more like silly putty. It worked :) My second batch was more solid and less slimy than the first batch.

I think I should have measured a bit more as both batches are very sticky and glue-like. We had made a batch of slime up a few months ago and really measured everything and that slime was very slimy and not sticky.

All ready to play with :)

Sammie wasn’t too sure about touching it at first, but it didn’t take long for her to get right into the play

She immediately mixed the two batches together to make one big blob lol

She loved picking it up and letting it stretch and ooze down

We had put some in a strainer and watched it ooze out. So neat :)

To save your slime, after you are done playing with it. Store it in a sealed Ziploc bag or something else air-tight. It should last for quite awhile as long as it is sealed.

I would suggest not playing with this on carpet or furniture as it can stick and maybe stain.
This is the Steve Spangler Science. recipe for it:

equal parts glue and warm water mixed in one cup, you can add colouring to this mixture
1/2 cup warm water mixed with 1 tsp of Borax mixed in a second cup
slowly add a bit of the Borax and water to your glue and water mix while stirring the mixtures together

Here are some other sites that have made slime and some different ways to play with it

Almost Unschoolers made slime using glow-in-the-dark paint

 The Idea Room made some glow-in-the-dark slime

Jugglig With Kids made flubber slime baskets (It looks like so much fun)

Familylicious made slime baskets

Child Central Station made a bunch of different types of slime on the stove. They also tried a bunch of no-cook slimes

This was so much fun to play with :) Ours was very sticky though and we had a hard time getting it off our hands while playing with it. I think next time, I will definitely measure and follow the recipe closer lol

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