Glowing Goop

The other day, I shared how we made glow water and how we played with glowing ice cubes :)

Today I’m going to share Sammie playing with goop under the black lights :)

I had mentioned in the last post that we tried using the UV flashlights as our black lights and how they didn’t work as well as I had hoped. Well, I found some black light light fixtures at a Canadian Tire store. I attached them to the wall in our downstairs bathroom, which has no windows, making it great for our black light play :)

We still had some cornstarch left over from when we had played with goop outside. The cornstarch had dried out and went back to being a powder again, so I decided to just reuse that cornstarch. I took some of yellow glow water and dilated it.

Then Sammie took over and dumped the glow water into the bowl of cornstarch and started mixing it :)

I love how the glow water glows, but the cornstarch doesn’t :) It makes such an interesting contrast.

Getting those hands right in there to mix it up :)

Letting the goop run and drip out of her hands :)

Mixing more glow water into the goop :)

Goopy hands using a spoon to mix it up some more

She put some goop into the strainer that you can see in the picture above, to watch it run and drip out, but I didn’t get a picture of it, as my hands were pretty much covered in goop as well lol I think I like playing with goop as much as Sammie does :)
This was a lot of fun :) Sammie loved seeing it glow and watching how the glow changed as she mixed the goop up :)
We found that the more she mixed the goop up, the less it glowed. She kept adding more glow water to it, to keep it glowing. I’m not sure if this was because the cornstarch that we used was already coloured purple, or whether that’s just how the glow water works. I think next time we play with glowing goop, we will use new cornstarch and see if it glows longer and better.
We will be sharing more glowing black light fun over the next few days :) Next up will be glowing slime and silly putty :)
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