Canada Day Wind Tube

We are doing a lot of Canada Day crafts this week. Our first craft for the week was our Canada Day Pinwheels
For the second of our Canada Day crafts, we decided to make a Canadian coloured wind tube or wind sock. :)
To make this craft, you will need:

-a piece of white sturdy paper (Bristol board would probably work the best)
-red and white crepe paper streamers
-red crayon or something to colour with
-red yarn
-hole punch
-scotch tape
-glue stick

I knew Sammie wouldn’t want to colour the red stripes and there was no way she could draw a maple lead, so I gave her a red crayon and told her to colour whatever she wanted to. She started colouring the one end of the paper and then got bored of that so she decided to draw a person :)

Her finished colouring :)

I gave her the red and white streamers and had her cut some long pieces. It doesn’t matter the length or if they are all the same length.

Then she glued the streamers along one long side of the paper, on the opposite side of her colouring

Once the streamers were glued on, we took the paper and taped it into a tube. You could probably glue this, but I knew glue wouldn’t dry fast enough for Sammie :)

Punch two holes approximately across from each other on the end without the streamers.

Thread your yarn through both holes and tie the ends together, making a triangle shape with the yarn.

Tie a longer piece of yarn to the top of the triangle shaped yarn. This will be the yarn that you use to hang your wind tube up with.

Take it outside and hang it up where the wind will blow it around :) Watch the streamers dance around and the tube change directions with the wind.

This was a fun craft and fairly easy for Sammie to make. She did the majority of it all by herself. :) For an older child, you could have them draw more of the Canada flag on the white paper or more Canadian themed items.

I have also seen these wind tubes made from tin cans or paper bags.

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