Coloured shaving cream and glue paint

Sammie wanted to do a painting craft and I wanted to set up something different than the usual painting, so I searched Pinterest and found this shaving cream and glue paint craft. We have done this before, but didn’t colour it

It’s equal parts (approx) shaving cream, white Elmer’s glue and liquid water colours for colouring.

shaving cream and glue paint

I added popsicle sticks and paint brushes, as well as letting her know that she could use her hands. I gave her stiff fingerprinting paper to use, thinking it would hold up better under the shaving cream.

She painted on her paper for a little while, then asked me to draw her some pictures that she could paint. She asked for a butterfly, rocket ship, heart and a flower. So I did my best to draw them for her lol

And the finished paintings:

She didn’t use her hands to paint, and the Popsicle sticks didn’t put enough paint on the paper, so the paintbrushes worked the best
The paintings dried nice and fluffy and soft to touch, although they smell like shaving cream :)

When Maddie got home from school, she had to make up some of the paint for her own paintings :)

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